Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is really going on, Daily Candy Chicago?!

I've kept quiet too long about the sudden downspiral of Daily Candy Chicago, but after today's raunchy newsletter on A.Vision Chicago—which leads with "the politico called out Hillary’s name every time he climaxed"—I can keep quiet no longer.

I don't know if they're trying to be edgier in an attempt to compete with the more male-focused Urban Daddy and Thrillist, but seriously, Daily Candy needs to get back to its roots when it was really clever and truly sexy without going below the belt.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! From what I know, Daily Candy is written by a whole slew of writers via pitches to the editor---though the editor will fill in gaps from time to time. Interesting that they've managed to attract such a lousy group of writers. I think I'm going to unsubscribe.

Julia said...

I'm on the mailing list because I need to keep up with new stuff in Chicago for my job, but I've started cringing every time I get an e-mail from them--even before I start reading. Then when I read it, I cringe more. If they ever included useful information it might be worth it, but instead of just adding attempts at cleverness, they've substituted that for content.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I hardly ever open up the e-mails anymore because they're so lousy. That, and how many purses/pieces of jewelry/ugly clothes does a person need?

Anonymous said...

glad to know I'm not the only one. I unsubscribed simply for the writing. It's so awful.

Anonymous said...

You read my mind. Yesterday's e-mail was the straw that broke the camel's back for me and I unsubscribed.

I told them that I thought the quality of the writing was poor and that I get much better information from Time Out, Flavorpill, Gapers Block and Chicagoist.

I can't believe someone thinks that crap is worth $125mm...oh wait, it's the same company that contracted services from a double murderer? Ok, I guess I understand now.