Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oprah's All-Star Wrap Party Was 'Top Secret'


First, I was told RL (likely because of all the autograph seekers lingering around the area). Then it was the West Loop's Tasting Room, which actually made sense seeing as though it was only a few minutes away from the United Center. Someone also told me Paris Club was where Oprah was going to throw one last fabulous bash with her celebrity friends late Tuesday night.

But it was actually The Four Seasons, and, of course, the guest list did not disappoint.

My Ultimate Insider, who was at the party, said A-List sightings included the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Kelsey Grammer, Michael Jordan, Alicia Keys, Lisa Ling and Tom Hanks. And because celebrities on this level need an all-star lineup when it comes to who's actually making their cocktails, the Four Seasons pulled out all stops.

One of the night's cocktails: "The Magenta Mule" of Hum, homemade ginger beer, cucumber, freeze-dried pomegranate seeds, slapped Thai basil, edible flowers and "love." (Photos: Adam Seger)

Adam Seger (Hum Spirits Co.), who works as a consultant for the luxury hotel, designed the specialty sippers and brought along Charles Joly (The Drawing Room), Bridget Albert (Southern Wine & Spirits), Lynn House (Blackbird), Kyle McHugh (The Boozehound) and Jeff Donahue (The Aviary) to help him out behind the bar.

"Adam designed eight beautiful cocktails featuring Hum, which fit beautifully into the theme of the evening," said House. "I nearly fainted when I made Kelsey Grammer an Oprah 25!"

The complete cocktail menu, designed by Adam Seger.

Now that sounds like one helluva party!

If you'd like to make The Magenta Mule at home, here is the recipe:

1.5 ounces hum
1.5 ounces ginger syrup
Wedge of lime squeezed
Tall, ice, Perrier

Garnish to your heart's content. You may substitute ginger syrup and Perrier for ginger ale or ginger syrup.


Maria said...

Great scoop Audarshia! I'd love to know what they were shaking up for Oprah & Co. I'm guessing there must have been some bubbly in the house...

312 Dining Diva said...

I just posted a photo of one of the cocktails. Looks YUMMY!

The Gourmetour said...

Those drinks looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing that recipe. It could be fun to try to recreate the others too!

bartend4fun said...

Always putting the ! to a great event. Niccce job!

312 Dining Diva said...

Thanks, Bartend4fun!

Too bad I didn't get an invite, but looks like everyone had a ball!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Tasting Room is shuttered, pretty sure they are still going

312 Dining Diva said...

Whoops. You are right. Randolph Wine Cellars, which is adjacent, closed. Thanks!

Mishra H. Keller said...

The Tasting Room was where the OWN party was held. I was fortunate enough to go! It was a fun time! :)