Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, you dirty dog!


Juicy Wine Co.'s new Wednesday night affair is their best by far, featuring the Pornographic Chili Dogs:

"They're the biggest, meatiest, sexiest chili dogs you've ever fantasized about. It all starts with mouthwatering, smoked hot links from Austin, Texas. We drape those squealin'-hot Texas 'dogs in heavenly beef brisket chili straight from everyone's favorite BBQ, Smoque. We top that with mounds of aged Wisconsin cheddar. Add Juicy's own tangy, apple cider vinegar slaw and truffle lavender* honey mustard sauce and you've got yourself a freaking awesome Pornographic Chili Dog. And we'll be servin' 'em up every Wednesday, 6pm to midnight."

Oh, and this too:

"We'll be tapping a fresh kegger of Three Floyds on the back porch, every week. Quench your thirst and sooth your strained vocal chords with $4-dolla-no-holla pints of Three Floyds brew, all night long.

Seeing as we're a wine bar and all, we'll also be pouring $5 glasses of delicious reds and refreshing whites, hand-picked by (owner) Roland Alexander, his bad self."


veshman said...

you had me at Pornographic ;-)

Unknown said...

This photo brought me in to eat a porno dawg.....but it does not look like the dawg I ate. The dawg I ate was served on a soft, dinner roll, had a lot less cheddar cheese, and it was some sort of sausage, not a hot dog...and it was divine. It's worth the $10 price tag, considering it's gourmet and you're eating in a cozy, trendy wine bar.