Monday, February 9, 2009

What they're saying on Facebook . . .

Marc Brooks of Park 52. (Photo: Marc Brooks)

Manolis D. Alpogianis (Partner/America's Dog): "The best stimulus package for Chicago is nice weather."

Marc Brooks (owner/Park 52): "Wondering why my friend Patrice Miner is talking about Houston's spinach dip and not Park 52's."

Michigan Avenue: "Looking forward to the Obamas coming back to town next weekend ! Any guesses on where they will go?"

Gregory Hall (Owner/Brewmaster Goose Island): "Can't wait for Chicago Art Brigade Valentine Market at Goose Island on Feb 11."

Julius Spates (Deejay): "Ready for the 3Degrees party at US @ Crocodile Lounge on Thursday & Jack @ Zentra on Friday!"

Rick Tramonto (Chef/Owner Tru): "Making a Tropical Fruit Salad with Vinaigrette Noodles for South Beach Food & Wine Festival."


Ishea said...

I subscribe to your blog and enjoy reading your take on various things happening in the food and nightlife world in Chicago...but these "facebook" updates are getting out of hand. If we wanted to know what all these folks were saying on their facebook pages we'd subscribe to them...please stick to reporting on real stuff. These posts just take up space and start to feel like you're being spammed...

312 Dining Diva said...

Hey, South Loop Social Light. Thanks for your comments. The reason why I started the Facebook updates is to give people the LATEST info on what their favorite restaurants and bars are doing. This info is coming directly from the owners, chefs, etc. They're not sending me this information; I scroll their FB statuses to see what's going on, which IS "real reporting" and "real stuff."

No other media outlet is posting "real time" information and that is what people want. You guys are really busy, and I am making it as convenient as possible.

Again, thanks for your comments!