Thursday, February 12, 2009

What they're saying on Facebook . . .

The Drawing Room's award-winning mixologist Charles Joly is shaking up something special for Valentine's Day.

Kevin Boehm (Partner Boka/Landmark/Perennial): "Excited about Chicago Chef Week."

Charles Joly (Mixologist/The Drawing Room: "Making lots and lots of marshmallows today . . . (for) Valentine's Day: Corzo Reposado & Grand Marnier infused marshmallows ...nothing's more romantic than gelatin and tequila."

Madrid Perry (Deejay): "Preparing for C'est Dommage (at Sushi Samba)!"

Azimio Rashad a.k.a. "Z" (Mixologist/Manor): Akira Lingerie Fashion Show at Manor tonight."

Debra Sharpe (Restaurateur): "Opening the new Feast in the Gold Coast with a fundraiser next Tuesday for the victims of the Victorian bushfires."

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