Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Decadent Doggies . . . oh my!

Lockwood's Chicago-Style Lobster Hot Dog (Photo: The Pickled Tongue)

OK, I'll admit it. 312DD's a little obsessed with Phillip Foss (Lockwood) right now.

But can you blame us?! Last week it was the Foie Gras Sliders the executive chef initially created for a special event, then added to the regular menu. And now after a challenge from MenuPages' manic food blogger Helen Rosner, he's created the ultimate Chicago-style hot dog on his Pickled Tongue blog.

This one is all about the lobster:

"I’m not trying to rival the incomporable Hot Doug’s. And you won’t automatically get bitched out if you order it at Lockwood like you do at the Weiner Circle (but I may make an exception if you ask… or if I don’t like the way you look)! ... . Regarding the menu though, it took me forever to work up the balls to put my buffalo-ed wings on the menu and that has been to huge fanfare. So stay tuned… this dog may also see its day (pun intended).

These are the components:

Diced lobster folded into a scallop mousse, seasoned with smoked paprika, cayenne and tarragon; rolled it in plastic wrap the size of a hot dog, then slow poached it at 140 degrees. It is then removed it from the plastic and grilled.
Not wanting to use mustard, instead I made a saffron-ginger beurre blanc to give it a similarly bright yellow color.

The rest is pretty basic - peeled pear tomatoes instead of the tomato wedges.
Brunoise of sweated leeks instead of onions
Green pepper curls
Potato bun - I f’d up and forgot the poppy seed!
I’m happy that ketchup as it turns out is considered sacreligious on a hot dog as I didn’t know how I would pair/mimic it with lobster!"

But how much is it?!

UPDATE: It's $16.

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