Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What they're Tweeting . . .

Erick Williams, executive chef at MK, presides over the hugely popular "Wine on Wednesdays." (Photo: MK)

Kevin Boehm (Partner/Landmark): "March 25th is our free wine tasting, U2's music paired with wine."

Eve: "Crispy Sweetbreads with housemade pancetta, strawberries, grilled red onion and balsamic gastrique."

Greg Hall (Owner/Brewmaster Goose Island): "Ok, ok, Just tasted new version of Demolition Ale, new malt, new hops, new yeast, holy #@$* this is yummy. thin, pale, hoppy and Dangerous!"

MK: "Sweetbreads tonight for Wine on Wednesdays! 3 wines, 3 small plates $25, 6-9pm."

Chef Rick Tramonto: "Looking for New Restaurant spaces for two new for Tramonto concepts the fall."

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