Friday, June 19, 2009

More Grocery Bistro drama


And so the drama continues . . .

MenuPages gets an interview with the lawyer for Grocery Bistro, whose executive chef called it quits on Sunday.

As 312DD wrote Thursday, the parents of former chef Andre Christopher staged a boycott outside the restaurant, claiming their son hadn't been paid in nine weeks.

Says the lawyer: "I have no idea why the van's out there when I've made an unequivocal offer of ‘let's sit down and try to work this out.' I think it's very unfortunate because the chef was a major part of making this a good restaurant. There's no question that his cooking and his work is what's helped make the restaurant what it is."

UPDATE: The chef claims the restaurant owes his entire family money. And an Ultimate Insider tells 312DD that Christopher is set to open his own restaurant, Little Bucharest, next week.

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