Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Speidi snubbed at Alinea?!

Spencer and Heidi Pratt of "reality fame."

Speidi—the terrible twosome newlywed "reality stars" known as Spencer and Heidi Prattthink they're famous and run with the A-List crowd, but not in our town.

An Ultimate Insider writes to 312DD that the last time they were here, one place they couldn't pull any of their bullsh*t was none other than Alinea:

"Believe what you see. They really are douchebags. Came in to the restaurant once without a reservation (you know....that fancy place in Lincoln Park that starts with an 'A'), and were promptly turned away in hilarious fashion (considering no one there had any idea who they were) and when they finally came back (having made a reso like everyone else that time) they lived up to every concievable horror one might dream them to embody. Hilarious, and certainly a low point for that establishment's clientele."

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