Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Super Chef is #$%^&*&^%$!?#@!

Dennis Ongkiko, composer of "Super Chef." (Photo: Kevin Boehm)

I hope she can take a joke.

Of course I'm referring to celebrity chef Rachael Ray, who's lampooned ''Weird Al'' Yankovic-style in the song Super Chef, which is featured in mockumentary The Golden Spoon.

The film, which will be featured in the upcoming June 12 Gold Coast Film Fest, is about a fictional "James Beard-like" awards ceremony and was shot by local hot shot restaurateur Kevin Boehm (BOKA, Landmark, Perennial).

Dennis Ongkiko (brother of Old Oak Tap owner Chris Ongkiko) wrote the song and stars in the movie.

Check the lyrics:

"My stock is on the rise. I've got the critics on their knees with open mouths between my thighs . . . . better make your reservation, summer menu's on fiyah!

"I'm doing my best 'cause I'm a Super Chef, Food Network called, they're gonna give me a show. My rave reviews are harder than habachi . . . "

Listen to Super Chef here as he really gets down 'n' dirty, and yes, he gets in a dig on Rachael Ray!


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Juliette Rossant said...

Do you have email or other contacts for Dennis Ongkiko that you could pass along?