Wednesday, August 19, 2009

(Top Chef) Master of His Domain!

(Photo: Rick Bayless)

Felicidades to the first-ever Top Chef Master Rick Bayless (Frontera Grill/Topolobampo), you make Chicago proud!

While Bayless himself gushed out only two words on Twitter—"Party's starting!"—his fans had plenty to say about his big win:

asupsiri: "Rick Bayless: the Top Chef Master!! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy - and gotta love that he reps both Mexican cuisine and Chicago!!"

The scene from Frontera Grill during the finale party—from Bayless's iPhone. (Photo: Rick Bayless)

HitnRunTony: "Fuck yeah! Chicago's own, The king of Mexican cuisine Rick Bayless is The Top Chef Master. He said it himself 'VIVA MEXICO!'"

bitchyshitty: "New food guy crush: Rick Bayless."

cacoperez: "Very good finish to Top Chef Masters. Rick Bayless was the winner. I'm finally going to try Frontera Grill in a couple of weeks."

Bayless at celebratory party at Frontera Grill, telling guests that it took him 20 years to learn the mole recipe. (Photo: Ellen Malloy)

Mario_10: "All three Top chef masters were brilliant but Rick Bayless is 1 step ahead. Love the fact that Rick is genuine and loves da Mexican culture."

marycaryne: "Congratulations to Rick Bayless for winning Top Chef Master and $100,000 for the Frontera Farmer Foundation!!!"

TallGrassBeef: "Congratulations to our good friend Rick Bayless, the winner of Top Chef Master tonight! Way to go!"

Ladygourmet: "Yay for Rick Bayless and his victory in the Top Chef Masters competition!"

Check out the Chicago Tribune's story on Bayless's win here.

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