Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The O effect on Local Dining


We all know Oprah's got the golden touch when it comes to making other people big $$$.

Just look at the countless authors, talk show hosts and musicians who've benefited from an endorsement from the Big O.

The same goes for restaurateurs/chefs, such as the Mag Mile's RL, whose GM Rich Varnes tells Crain's Chicago Business the resto sees more business when she's in town taping.

For example, this week alone, RL had the pleasure of serving Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson not once, but twice. And Chris Rock, also in town to tape her show, hit up MK for dinner.

Oprah's also been instrumental, of course, in putting Art Smith of Table Fifty-Two fame on top when it comes to high-profile celebrity dining. A-Listers like Sarah Jessica Parker, Padma Lakshmi and of course President Obama and The First Lady have all been here.

Who'll be next to get the "O" treatment?! Chefs all over town had better start sending food by the truckload to the Harpo production staff stat!

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