Monday, October 5, 2009

This is Why I Love Twitter!


Hot shot celeb deejay/producer Mark Ronson's getting us totally worked up for New Year's Eve already.

The English star's set to headline a Chicago event that night—with a pretty generous budget to boot—so he took to his Twitter account to ask his followers who they'd like to see accompany him:

"Children of Tweet! Doing a show in the Chi on New Years Eve and have been given the open checkbook 2 bring in whoever i want (within reason). . . . which dj's/artists 2 book, i want your voice heard cause if it sucks you only have yourselves to blame.

"Santigold or Stevie Wonder? Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Daniel Craig or Craig T. Nelson? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!"

Stevie Wonder?! Wow. Craig T. Nelson?! That dude from that show "Coach?!" WTF is he talking about?

Seriously, Ronson's quite a big deal, as he's worked with just about everyone, including Mos Def, Duran Duran, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams and Bob Dylan.

This should definitely be HOT.

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