Monday, November 16, 2009

Travel+Leisure, Celeb Chefs Diss Chicago


Six New York celeb chefs were gathered by Travel+Leisure to dish on their fave late-night dining spots around the world.

Not only was Chicago excluded in the roundup, but it was passed over for the likes of Vegas, New Orleans and Miami in the states, plus more "exotic" global spots like Shanghai, Paris and Delhi.

Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, Eric Ripert have all definitely dined in Chicago recently, so how in the world could they have dissed The Silver Palm (I guess Bourdain forgot how much he loved Dan Palm's Three Little Piggy Sandwich), Nick Lacasse's inventive small plates at The Drawing Room, the hand-cut fries and chargrilled Whoopskidawg at Superdawg and Pie-Eyed Pizzeria—which packs a perfect slice of New York-style cheese or sausage any time of the night.

Oh, and had Paul Kahan's new taco joint Big Star been around longer, we'd vote for that one, too!

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