Thursday, December 10, 2009

Inspiration Behind Girl & The Goat?!

Stephanie Izard says this painting inspired her to name her new gastropub Girl & The Goat. (Photo: Stephanie Izard)

Thank God Stephanie Izard has a good sense of humor.

The saucy little Top Chef winner got some heat for her choice of a new name for her new gastropub, Girl & The Goat, scheduled to open next spring.

Local food writer/reviewer Michael Nagrant tweeted Thursday: "@stephanieizard What's with resto name change to Girl and the Goat. Doesn't that sound a little like a fetish porn film, now?"

She later responded: "hmmm, not sure I agree on the new name being all about me and my giant ego, but I do love the porn reference."

Then she posted the photo above, and added: "A painting I have that inspired girl & the goat."

Atta, girl!

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