Thursday, January 7, 2010

Golden Local Debate: Rebar vs. Roof?!

Roof (Photo: Meredith Gregory)

Which hot spot hotel hang rocks the most?!

That's the question's posing on its first poll of the decade for Golden Local: Rebar vs. Roof.

Trump's glamorous Rebar is over the top, sexy and offers one of the best views in the city, overlooking the Chicago River as well as fireworks at Navy Pier.

And Roof, sprawling high above on the top level of theWit, is equally captivating with panoramic views of the Loop's architectural masterpieces.

Rebar(Photo: Steve Becker)

Of course, there's so much more: the cocktails, the cuties and the cuisine, which both bars have managed to get right in their short existence.

Which one is your favorite?! Cast your vote here.

Right now they're pretty much even in the poll . . .

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