Monday, February 15, 2010

The Publican Gets Props From Forbes!

(Photo: Bob Briskey Photography)

Forbes just came out with its annual list of America's Best New Restaurants, and The Publican was the only Chicago spot to make it:

"The Publican, which was opened by the team behind Blackbird and Avec (the bacon-wrapped, chorizo-stuffed dates at Avec are not to be skipped on any visit to Chicago, period), is modeled after a European beer hall. Appropriately there are dozens of brews to choose from, all to be paired with hearty meat dishes that are simple, elegant and filling.

"It's all about pork in all of its guises and artisan beer to wash it all down," says master sommelier Richard Betts, cofounder of the Betts & Scholl wines and Sombra Mezcal. "[It's a] really fun, beer-hall type of addition to Chicago's already young and fun scene."


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