Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on Girl and the Goat . . .

Computer-generated rendering of Girl & the Goat. (Photo: 555 Design Fabrication Management)

Girl and the Goat owner/chef Stephanie Izard gives us an update on her latest project:

"well the restaurant is coming along, what seemed slowly but surely, but now at a rapid pace. and i am freakin’ out. not really… i am very excited, but just after so much time to have it so near is crazy!

"the bar is one of my favorite design elements. our designer, karen, from 555 design found a number of old fireplaces that will be polished off and used to create a gorgeous and unique backbar. for those who know me, and for many of you that do not, you know that the bar and i are dear friends. i am excited that we will be serving an array of north american craft beers. my friend lincoln who works with our friends at three floyds is helping with the beer list, as he knows more about beer than anyone i know."

On an unrelated note, but up the street in the former Randolph Street location for Bar Louie (741 W. Randolph St.), some activity is going down. An astute Ultimate Insider spotted brown paper over the windows and a sign stating that Haymarket Brewing is the new owner.

Not sure if that's the name of the new venue or the new owners, but we'll let you know soon . . .


Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

I'm so excited for this restaurant to open. My husband and I were big fans of hers on Top Chef because her food always looked so A-mazing!

I just hope it will be possible to get a table once it opens.

312 Dining Diva said...

I hear you! I've had some sneak previews at her "Wandering Goat" series dinners, so I am really excited as well! ;)