Monday, July 26, 2010

Flooding Shutters Logan Square Hot Spots

(Photo: Lula Cafe)

That rainstorm early Saturday morning did more damage than we thought.

Several Logan Square hot spots were forced to close over the weekend as a result of flooding in their basements.

Top cocktail-focused lounge The Whistler reopened Sunday night, but popular eatery Lula Cafe remains closed.

They issued these messages on Facebook:

6:50am Saturday: "Dear Friends: Lula Cafe is under water today. We are sadly going to be closed and hoping the rain will stop so we can begin to work on all the damage....We have never seen like this and we will keep you posted as to when we will reopen for business."

Sunday: "A quick update! Tons of progress has been made! The water is gone, stock of the damage has been taken, and now we're on our way to recovery. We are hoping for a reopen before the weekend, but only time will tell. Stay tuned for more news and thank you all so much for your support!"

Monday: "First off, the support of the neighbors, friends, and family is overwhelming. We love you all. Second of all, we will be back in business much sooner than expected. Stand by for details!"

If they're not back in biz by Monday evening, they're encouraging folks to check out their other venture, Nightwood, in Pilsen, for dinner and half-price on bottles of wine every Monday.

Also, encased-meat emporium Hot Doug's is back open today after closing over the weekend due to flooding . . .

UPDATE: Time Out gets an update from Lula owner/chef Jason Hammel, who says that with "any luck he hopes to re-open the restaurant by the weekend."

And whoa . . . TOC also reports that Longman & Eagle lost 90%-95% of its food, offering a limited dinner menu.

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