Friday, August 13, 2010

It's a Foss Family Affair with Food Trucks

Kenni and Phillip Foss of Foss Family Food Trucks. (Photo: Phillip Foss)

Since it's technically illegal for food trucks to roam the streets of Chicago, one culinary-focused family has decided to jump into the next big trend: the pop-up restaurant.

Phillip Foss—who's better known as the executive chef of Lockwood—and his wife, Kenni, have forged forward with their Foss Family Food Trucks concept.

For one day only, 8am-8pm August 15, they're taking over the brick-and-mortar location for the Gaztro-Wagon Restaurant in Edgewater.

The Foss family will use this opportunity to debut several of their food-truck dishes, which of course, are made from all homemade ingredients.

Tunisian fricassee (a.k.a. "Puffy Pan Bread") on the Foss family table. (Photo: Phillip Foss)

Here's the schedule for Sunday:


Homemade donuts filled with vanilla cream, Nutella or apricot jam ($2)

10am-2pm brunch

Golden Brick
Oozing egg in crispy brick pastry ($4)

Farmer’s Market tomatoes, four-cheese home fries; choice of toast ($8)

The Foss Hog on Puffy Pan Bread
Homemade sausage patties, two fried eggs, maple mayo ($9)

Hopple Popple
Scramble of eggs, Rumanian salami, potatoes, onion, peppers; served with choice of toast ($8)

Nicole's Brioche French Toast
Peach melba accompaniments: vanilla ice cream, raspberry air ($10)

2pm-8pm The Meatyballs Mobile

Meatball sliders on Puffy Pan Bread with Les Freres farmstead cheese sauce ($4)

To find out where the Foss Family Food Trucks "pop up" next, follow them on Twitter here.

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Why was he fired at Lockwood? Any news?