Monday, September 20, 2010

Cibo Matto Chef Goes to 'Hell' . . .

Cibo Matto sous chef Rusty Kook (Photo: FOX/"Hell's Kitchen")

. . . as in "Hell's Kitchen," the profanity-laced cooking reality show made infamous by Master Chef Gordon Ramsey.

That'll be cibo matto sous chef Rusty Kook (Kook the cook?!), who's up next to endure Ramsey's wrath when the new season premieres at 7pm Wednesday.

To celebrate, theWit is hosting a viewing party for Kook at SCREEN, the hotel's $1 million digital high-definition multimedia theater equipped with luxurious electronic recliners, couches and club chairs.

We're guessing he doesn't get eliminated during this two-hour episode because that would be quite an embarrassing turn during a viewing party. Nevertheless, guests will be treated to a brief cooking demo of the dish he prepared on that evening's show and of course there will be samples.

It's $20 and space is limited, so call the resto for resos.

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