Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bayless Tweets Obama Dinner

(Photo: Topolobampo)

The Prez was in town Saturday campaigning and made a stop to Rick Bayless's sensational Topolobampo to the delight of diners.

Bayless tweeted the visit after Obama left, and even included a few photos of some of the dishes he served, including scallops and lobster with roasted tomatillos, corn sauce and sweet corn tamales.

Apparently he was bombarded with more than a few people complaining that someone was likely "bumped" in order to accommodate the party because he sent out this missive to detractors:

"To all who (snidely) asked: no one was bumped from a reservation. One was made in another name; we didn't know it was 4 Obama. Geez people!"

That's a little out of character for Bayless to snap back like that, but good for him!

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