Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ole Hardwood Back on Track?

(Photo: Ole Hardwood)

Is new South Loop "gastro smokehouse" Ole Hardwood finally getting its act together?!

Here's a somewhat positive account from a 312DD reader who dined there this week:

"I checked it out, and the food was actually great. Ribs were tender without seeming overcooked, carnitas and pulled pork were perfect. The sides which I tried (sweet potato pecan crumble, mashed potatoes) were simple, but well thought out and executed. Brisket was good, but odd (it tasted, and looked, like corned beef).

"A little pricey for what they offer, and the room is definitely strange, and amateurish. (Black tablecloths? Chandeliers? Hideous chairs. Garbage like poorly arranged corn stalks and animal skulls that they are trying to pass off as tchotcke littering the room.)

"Too many servers working the floor, and our server was unable to answer many of the questions that my dining companions had. The drinks seemed pretty lame. (Martinis? How about a decent beer list? Some bourbon? Whiskey?)

"The kitchen seems to have everything under control, looks like everyone else in there needs to step up their game if they're going to make the third try the charm."

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