Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chefs Wager on Bears vs. Packers Game

Inovasi chef/owner John des Rosiers (left) and Phillip Foss of the Meatyballs Mobile.

And so it begins . . .

Look for everyone under the sun making wagers on the Bears vs. Packers NFC Championship Game going down Jan. 23.

Two Chicago-area chefs are also getting in on the action, and thank your lucky stars you'll be able to benefit no matter the outcome.

John des Rosiers (Inovasi), who's originally from Waukegan, Ill., and Phillip Foss (Meatyball Mobile), who hails from Milwaukee, are rabid fans of their hometown teams and decided to make a yummy bet.

If the Bears win, Foss will come to Inovasi on a Friday or Saturday night and serve his signature meatball subs at the restaurant's bar. And if the Packers (gasp!) somehow manage to dominate the Bears, Des Rosiers will create his own signature meatball sub and serve it on the Meatyballs truck for two days.

Terms of the agreement is a "straight up win or loss."

And I cannot wait!

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