Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hot Stuff Coming To Lakeview This Spring

Levitski displaying a hand-blown Italian glass pendant for the dining room. (Photo via Ari Bendersky/Eater Chicago)

Last fall we told you first about Sprout chef Dale Levitski's second project, Frog N Snail, which is now set to open in Lakeview this spring.

Eater Chicago popped into the construction space last week for an update:

"Frog N Snail won't just be a bistro, but also a coffee lounge during the day. Levitski has built a coffee bar in the middle of the restaurant to serve La Colombe coffee while people enjoy pastries (cakes, tarts), skorpa (a Swedish bread his grandmother used to make) and crepes, which will be made on a crepe wheel at the coffee bar and finished in the kitchen with various ingredients. The crepes will be made from different ingredients like pistachio, buckwheat and chickpea."

Eater also got the 411 on the dinner menu and interior design (with photos), which can all be found right here. Levitski's aiming to open in late March or early April.

Not too far away from Frog N Snail will be Wood, opening in the old Firefly space in the heart of Boystown (cue the jokes ...).

Owned by the folks behind Tank Sushi, not too many details are available about this joint other than it'll focus on wood-fired pizzas, meats and entrees. A former Alinea chef is supposedly helming the kitchen, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Wood should open sometime this spring as well.