Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Is This Show On Television?!


I haven't stepped foot inside The Wiener's Circle since the obnoxious cashier on the other side of the glass leaned across and screamed at my friend: "Do you suck c*ck with those glasses on?!"

The room, which was full of drunken, late-night revelers, erupted in laughter, much to my friend and her fiance's chagrin.

I know that part of the so-called appeal of this Lincoln Park greasy spoon is its crude, rude and raunchy crew members, but it really bothers me that it's now on national display. With TruTV giving The Wiener's Circle a weekly reality show, it feels as though it's gotten worse just to play to the cameras.

The restaurant's owned by two white guys (Barry and Larry), who appear occasionally on the show, but what makes it wild, weird and provocative are the out-of-control antics from the all-black staff, which consists of several women and one man.

They curse loudly at customers, toss straws, napkins and packets of ketchup at them, and play racially charged games such as "The N-Word" and "What Black People Like" as a device to give out free food. (Also, where are the hairnets and latex gloves on these people?!)

I'm all about showcasing Chicago restaurants and bars in a national spotlight, but it can certainly be done without playing into racial stereotypes. The Wiener's Circle is a disgrace and modern-day minstrel show.

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