Monday, June 25, 2012

Get Ready For Firefighter Friday!

(Photo: Sauza Tequila)

Clear your calendar on June 29 because on this day only you'll get to meet the Sauza Tequila firefighters.

That's because Sauza's "Regional Rescue Tour" makes a stop in our fair city at River North hot spots Public House and Cantina Laredo.

Now, for some of y'all, hanging out with these certified hotties is enough, but there is more:

Look for the Sauza Blue Firetruck to be parked in front of Public House (2-4pm) and Cantina Laredo (4-6pm), where the guys will perform random acts of kindness, including helping passersby carry heavy bags and doling out coupons and tips on how to create easy-to-make margaritas. Additionally, the locations will be offering Sauza margarita deals and free Mexican food.

It's already going to be close to 90 degrees Friday, but River North is certain to boil over into the 100s!

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