Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Did Rockit Partner Really Neglect To Tell Partners He 'Bought Another Bar'?!


Rockit partner Billy Dec apparently purchased a new venue in River North, but his business partner Arturo Gomez claims on Twitter he had no clue.

Could this be a hoax?! I just don't believe this would happen.

Anyway, he apparently bought after-hours cocktail lounge Martini Ranch and is asking the public to help him create a new concept, according to NBC Chicago.

Cannot wait to see how that goes.

Also, on Dec's blog, he admitted to soon shuttering his other late-night bar for renovation:

"We'd probably open it around the new year, just in time to send our late night crowd & employees there from Underground, while we give UG a fresh new look during the slower winter months of 2013."

That's interesting because when I wrote that exact situation in late August, one of Rockit's employees, Tim Toomey, responded in the comments section that I didn't know what I was talking about:

"Not sure who your 'ultimate insider' is, but let me put the rumor to rest about Underground--there are no plans to close for renovations at this time.

Feel free to email me directly in the future about such rumors."

All the best,
-Tim Toomey

Damn, I HATE when people attempt to lie to me; by now everyone should know that if I write Ultimate Insider, I have the scoop.

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