Tuesday, May 8, 2012

G.E.B. Chef Hits Prime Time on Bravo Show

(Photo: Bravo)

John Vermiglio serves as sous chef at G.E.B. when it opens in June.

But before that happens, look for this Michigan native on Bravo's latest chef-driven reality show, Around The World in 80 Plates, when it premieres at 9pm Wednesday.

The talented young chef is no stranger to high-pressure kitchens (he previously worked at Charlie Trotter's and Table Fifty-Two) or television, so we're looking forward to see what he brings to the 10-week series.

To get an idea, 312DD asked him a few questions:

Can you describe the feeling you got from being on the show to anything else you've experienced?

No, there was nothing else like it. It was a surreal experience and to be able to travel the world centered around food is a whole other thing. It was eye opening and reaffirming of the things you learned in culinary school.

Anything we should look out for? Drama- or romance-wise?

Twelve cooks on a Bravo show in an unfamiliar atmosphere always brings about drama.

How much of your culinary experience weighed in on the tasks?

I felt confident that I had a good foundation going in. I'm not cocky, but all chefs have a certain level of confidence, but I was aware that I was amongst 11 talented cooks. I had to keep it on the backburner that it was still a contest, and not get caught up in meeting new friends.

How much did you hang out with the other Chicago chefs on and off camera?

We got time to spend time together, and it was nice to have someone from the hometown to keep things in perspective for you. I was happy to have Chicago chefs with me on the show. It's not often you get to represent your city.

Did you get any tips on how to compete from chefs Graham Elliot or Art Smith, seeing as how they're television and competition veterans?

I got tips from Art Smith on what to do. He encouraged me as much as possible. It was reassuring to be working for him all those years, and you get used to the cameras and different scenarios.

Should we expect to see any of the entrees you make on the show at G.E.B. this summer?

It's only natural because when chefs are exposed to such a level of global culture, they incorporate it into their menus at some point. You're going to certainly see influences from a lot of the places where I traveled (from being on the show).

The Drawing Room's Nick Lacasse and personal chef Gary Walker are the other two Chicago chefs participating on Around The World in 80 Plates.

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