Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'Racist Bartender' Pops Up Again. . .This Time At River North's Castle Nightclub

(Photo: Facebook)

It's been awhile since we checked in on our "favorite" Chicago bartender, Jessica Harr—who infamously spewed racist rants on Facebook that were heard around the world.

Well, apparently she's scored a cushy little job at late-night River North nightclub Castle. I wonder if they were even aware of her reputation?!

For one thing, she's changed her hair color from that harsh, trashy blond mess to a more appealing darker shade. And these days she's going by Jeska Liz. An eagle-eyed 312DD fan spotted her working behind the bar over the weekend.

We see you, girl! I hope she's learned her lesson, but it will be interesting to find out what happens once the Castle people find out exactly who they hired to serve the bar's diverse clientele.


sa_oneill said...

Whaaaat. This person is a joke!

Seriously. Is she real? Or is Joaquin Phoenix pulling one of those super intense method acting stunts again?

I would never consider going to Castle. But, I've always wanted to throw a drink in someones face, so...

Anonymous said...

karma will catch up with her soon enuf.

Anonymous said...

Based on nothing more than her own words, I think a reasonable person would have no choice but arrive at the conclusion that this woman is obviously a terrible person.

However, the "...harsh, trashy blonde" comment doesn't really seem to do much but make you appear petty.

The woman asked for rope, got it, and subsequently hung herself in a flurry of racist vitriol. Do you feel like bagging on her looks really adds to thoughtful discussion about whether or not this woman should be considered employable by Chicago's bars and clubs?

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised that this establishment would hire her. Castle is a Ala Carte owned business which is a large corporate chain of restaurants and bars. I wonder if they know they have a well known bigot working for them!

312 Dining Diva said...

Anon 2:31pm

Your comment about me "being petty" is laughable, especially considering what this horrible person has said about African Americans. I was actually being nice when I could have taken a much more OBVIOUS dig at her appearance.

The point of my bringing up that mess of her ratty hair was to mock her for attempting (quite badly at that) to disguise her appearance so no one would recognize her. She also changed her name. While she could have just shortened her hair, she instead chose to dramatically change the color. THAT needed to be discussed.

Furthermore, the reason I wrote this story is because it's been over a year and not once has this person reached out to me or any other media outlet to apologize for what she said. To me, that means she never learned anything from this experience. She has not changed, therefore she does not deserve to be in a high-profile space serving customers.