Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Very, Very Hot Right Now.

Embeya's boozy new snow cone (Photo: Danielle Pizzutillo/Embeya)

Since the next several days are certain to be scorchers, I'm tripling up on the boozy coverage for the weekend. All the patios will be open and there's plenty of fun to be had.

I'm especially excited about Embeya's latest offering: hand-crafted, boozy snow cones. Created by beverage director Danielle Pizzutillo, flavors include bourbon with falernum and citrus; gin with ginger and lime; and rum with cherry.

Embeya's delightful new patio is ideal for indulging in some adult beverages. (Photo: Embeya)

The snow cones debut Friday, May 17 at Embeya during the same time the new patio opens. It accommodates up to 50 guests and that includes the 15-seat lounge area. Lunch, dinner and light bites may be ordered to complement the cocktails . . . and snow cones.

Fountainhead showcases local craft beers. (Photo: Fountainhead)

Chicago Craft Beer Week is now underway and happens through May 26. You're certain to dig my top picks, which include Fountainhead's Local Cask Day and Half Acre's anniversary party at Ravenswood Billboard Factory.


Big Star opens daily at 11am, and I swear the lines start forming at 9:45am for the massive outdoor patio. It's so freaking busy that owners Donnie Madia, Paul Kahan and Terry Alexander have decided to serve margaritas on tap. SMART GUYS. Look for them to debut on Monday, May 20. In the meantime, if you head there over the weekend, you're just going to have to be patient.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Three Aces do boozy Italian ice last summer?