Friday, July 12, 2013

So Very, Very Hot Right Now.

Old 1871 Oysters (Photos: Bill Werme)

Rumor has it that firefighters were feasting on Virginia-based oysters and beer the day of the infamous Chicago Fire back in 1871. While that makes for a great story, there's no one still around from those days to dispute it, so we'll run with it. Hey, it sounds pretty good!

The Chicago-based Fortune Fish Company's also a big fan of those Virginia oysters—which are plump and feed on fresh water currents loaded with sweet plankton in isolated barrier islands.


In addition to the company's many seafood offerings, you'll now find what's been named Old 1871 Oysters as part of the portfolio. We had some of these a couple of weeks ago at GT Fish & Oyster and could NOT STOP EATING THEM. In addition to pairing with craft beers, the oysters also complement gin-based cocktails such as the classic Clean Break. Who knew?! You can also find Old 1871 Oysters at Gibsons,

Revelers at RM Champagne Salon's opening bash in 2012 (Photo: RM Champagne Salon)

Bastille Day is Sunday, July 14. There's no accent required if you're looking to join in on the action at French-focused hot spots like RM Champagne Salon and Paris Club, where the bubbly flows and the fashion is fierce.


Or maybe you're just not a Francophile. In that case, head to Italian-accented wine bar Quartino for its first-ever Brunch Bash. The monthly event kicks off Sunday, July 14 with dishes such as housemade Burrata with poached egg; panettone filled with bananas and nutella; and prosciutto di parma. There will also be a Bloody Mary bar, Mimosas and Bellinis, and yes they are bottomless. You'll get this all for $20 at the door. The brunch runs noon-2pm.

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Chelsea Marrs said...

Adore your blog! I love the story of firefighters noshing on oysters before the Chicago Fire. Always exciting to see another big city dining blog, excited to see future posts :)

xoxo Chels