Friday, August 16, 2013

Brendan Sodikoff Drops 'Deli' Concept In Dillman's

Dillman's interior (Photo: Dillman's)

New River North eatery Dillman's has been open for less than two weeks and principle owner Brendan Sodikoff is already making changes. He admits that his vision for a contemporary deli concept has been lost on some customers, so he'll be "dropping the use of the word delicatessen in association with Dillman's," effective immediately.

He added, in a message to 312DD:

"The food style will remain the same with the coffee bar, all-day casual dining and strong classic drinks. Guests are having the most difficult time wrapping their heads around what were doing. They've been so disappointed we don't have a deli case, it borders on anger.

"I realize it's my fault for not communicating our concept clear enough to the public. I'd appreciate your help in helping me clarify what our focus is. Or at least not furthering the confusing with the use of the word delicatessen/deli even though that is clearly the inspiration and influence."


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