Monday, March 24, 2014

Brendan Sodikoff Replaces Dillman's With 'Italian Steak Bar' Concept Named Cocello

Expect more delicate cuts like Bavette's filet mignon when Cocello opens in April. (Photo: Bavette's Bar & Boeuf )

Whatever you do, do not call Cocello a steakhouse concept. The latest dining-and-drinking project by Brendan Sodikoff and his group Hogsalt Hospitality, Cocello is described by the red-hot restaurateur as an "Italian steak bar."

On April 14, Cocello takes over the venue currently housing Dillman's, which specializes in classic Jewish deli fare. Sodikoff tells 312DD exclusively that he will close Dillman's on April 6 and reopen it as Dillman's Pastrami Shop in a next door space this summer.

But where did the name and concept for Cocello (pronounced "co-chell-o") come from?!

"(It's a) long story that involves a reckless trip through the Mediterranean in my 20s with warm weather, lots of cheap wine and friends," reveals Sodikoff. "I'd like to stress though that our focus has evolved a bit and we're all about good wine these days."

He also wants to stress that Cocello is not Bavette's Bar & Boeuf 2.0. That's his super-successful French steakhouse that's located only a few blocks away from Cocello.

"This is boutique Italian with great drinks, hand-made pasta and smaller cuts of prime meats and fish," he continues. "(Also expect) lots of Italian wine and Amaro-based cocktails. It'll be very traditional with a touch of old Chicago, but no red sauce."

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