Friday, December 21, 2007

Just for the noel of it . . .


Just wanted to bring to your attention this very festive cocktail being offered by Prost (2566 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-880-9900) throughout the month. If you love the nog, then you'll dig this German lounge's version that they're calling Hoochnoggin. It's only $7, and so rich (with chocolate syrup, heavy cream and whiskey) that you won't even need that pumpkin pie.

Also, if you're dreading watching Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street or A Christmas Story this year, head a couple blocks down to Delilah’s (2771 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-472-2771) for something completely different. They're showing the wild-ass flick Santa Claus Conquers the Martians on all their flatscreen monitors, and it should go down well with all those whiskey selections they offer. Sunday, Dec. 23 at 6pm.

And finally, if you're in a singing mood, then get ye to Davenport's Piano Bar (1383 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-278-1830) for Cabaroke, a non-stop event where you can have at all the old Christmas standards in front of a crowd that will egg you on. The back room offers recorded tunes, while you'll get it live in the front showroom. Hosted by the "Queen of Karaoke" Alma Mendoza. 10pm-1:30am tonight. $2 cover for front room; no cover in back room.

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