Monday, April 28, 2008

A sneak preview of graham elliot's menu

Graham Elliot Bowles gets ready to rock River North with his "bistronomic" restaurant in May. (Photo: graham elliot)

Set to open on May 13, Graham Elliot Bowles' "bistronomic" restaurant graham elliot (217 W. Huron St., 312-624-9975) has released some cool images of what to expect when it opens:

Signature Caesar salad, romaine lettuce, white anchovies, Parmesan fluff, brioche Twinkie croutons (Photo: graham elliot)

Pistachio-crusted lamb shank, tomato-artichoke ragout, Israeli couscous, shaved fennel, black olive puree (Photo: graham elliot)

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Unknown said...

Are they taking reservations yet? Any inside scoop on opening or pre-opening events? This concept looks great!