Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fashion(able) plates

The Pinto Box, named after local fashion designer Maria Pinto, can be found at Sepia. (Photo: Lara Kastner)

Sepia teams up with new next-door neighbor designer Maria Pinto (peep her threads on muse Michelle Obama) for the Pinto Box, which they're saying is "for those fashionably on the go, an all-in-one stylish lunchbox."

Custom-made for Sepia, the hand-crafted Pinto Box was designed by Brent Rourke, a cabinet maker and creator of Canadian-based Shaker oval boxes and carriers.

Executive Chef Kendal Duque and Pastry Chef Cindy Schuman will offer rotating menus with three seasonal choices (appetizer, entree, dessert), like a daily flatbread, Amish chicken with apples, as well as a sweet potato spice cake bread pudding with caramel thyme ice cream. Available Monday - Friday 11:30am-2pm for $18.

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