Monday, January 12, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Sunda set to open Feb. 27

The Devil’s Basket with soft shell crab is one of Sunda's signature dishes. (Photo: Sunda)

312DD's first with the opening date for New Asian-focused Sunda. The late-night River North destination debuts Feb. 27.

Owned by the same team behind Underground and Rockit Bar & Grill, Sunda aims to be their most impressive project to date, as they've cut no corners in order to get it right.

Partners Billy Dec, Arturo Gomez and Brad Young traveled to several Asian countries and studied the traditional cuisines of Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. And they secured New Asian cuisine pioneer Rodelio Aglibot to run the kitchen. Dubbed the Food Buddha by media, Aglibot brings with him an extensive background in Asian cuisine and culture as well as serving as exec chef at several renowned Asian-focused kitchens on the West Coast.

The menu, from what we've seen thus far, is shaping up to be quite the temptation, with mouthwatering offerings such as The Food Buddha’s Crispy Rice with Toppings (hand-cut spicy tuna, seared Kobe beef tartare and spicy shrimp empura), Crab-Crusted Ahi Tuna with Japanese Hot Mustard Soy Glaze and Longevity Garlic Noodles with Blue Crab.

Why can't it be late February now?!