Thursday, February 19, 2009

The most decadent Sliders . . . ever

Three variations of foie gras torchon as Sliders, created by Phillip Foss of Lockwood (Photo: Lockwood)

This right here is why we love Phillip Foss, exec chef at Lockwood.

In his blog, The Pinkled Tongue, Foss describes his decadent gourmet Sliders:

"We practiced this a few weeks ago for a tasting menu and was posted onto the blog thereafter… Foie Sliders, Version 1

To keep it from being way too expensive in the current climate, the truffles have been removed. On the bright side, we are serving each Slider in a different style:

1 - Tokai gelee with persimmons compote

2 - Port gelee with fig compote

3 - Pear Cognac (Belle de Brillet) gelee with quince compote… the pear gelee would make a great jello shot for a Harvard frat party!

We’ll see how this dish goes, but I could see how the amount of steps involved in the preparation could complicate our kitchen’s service… worst case scenario would be that we will serve it in only one preparation.

Besides for that, the torchon is time consuming but surely worthwhile. Frustratingly, whoever cut out the discs of foie gras for this photo didn’t put the ring mold in hot water first, hence the jagged edges. As this was for the server’s training and the picture still gets the point across, I let it slide… no pun intended."

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Phillip Foss said...

Thanks for the love Audarshia!
Hope to see you soon for dinner... the sliders will be waiting for you!