Friday, February 13, 2009

Someone's Having a Birthday!


February may be known as the month for flowers and chocolate but don't forget the birthday boy!

Giancarlo Turano II (Feb. 9) of Turano Baking Co. gets his own birthday shout-out this week as one of the very few February babies (where are the rest of you hiding?!). His family has been feeding our beloved carb cravings for nearly half a century with their artisan-style breads and pastries. You'll find their products at most grocery stores as well as a number of local restaurants and bars.

Have a February birthday? This Valentine's Day, Richard's Bar makes sure that all you February birthday babies get the love you deserve.

After all, this month isn't just about the chocolate and romance, it's about celebrating you. And this is a birthday event so forget the hearts and flowers and start thinking more along the lines of cake balls. 8pm-3am. No cover.
--Suzy M.

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