Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BIN 36 introduces $9 lunch

Popular wine-focused eatery BIN 36 celebrates 10 years with the $9 lunch in April (Photo: BIN 36)

When you work in the downtown area, pickings are slim on the cheap side unless you're willing to go fast food.

That's why 312DD's particularly excited about the brand-new lunch deal at BIN 36.

Starting today—and for the rest of the month—the wine-focused favorite's celebrating its 10-year anniversary by offering a $9 lunch deal. Choose one of their hand-crafted sandwiches/salads and soft drink (no wine, boo!), which includes grilled cheese (cheddar, Swiss and goat cheese with white truffle oil, caramelized onions & toasted pine nuts on sourdough), wood-grilled burger, classic hot corned beef and a classic Cobb salad.

With this hookup, we could go every day!

Or, if you're looking to mix it up every now and then, check out even more deals at Blackbird and Eve.

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