Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sightings galore, plus a hot new local couple?!

Robert De Niro was spotted at Spiaggia this week!

Zwecker's got the scoop on a ton of celebs rolling through town:

"As Vince Vaughn graciously worked the room at the party at
Prosecco following the Chicago premiere of his new Couples Retreat comedy, people noticed a nice-looking new couple: NBC-5 anchor Marion Brooks and White Sox GM Kenny Williams."

And . . .

"Given The Little Fockers is filming here, get ready for lots of sightings -- including Robert De Niro at Spiaggia and Jessica Alba at Hub 51 and Jessica Alba at Sunda, where she was joined by Ben Stiller."

An Ultimate Insider tells 312DD that Kenny Williams says that he is only friends with Marion Brooks, and that she has a boyfriend.

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