Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grocery Bistro Loses Another Chef


It's not even been open for a year, but Grocery Bistro has had drama going on since day one.

First there was the controversial boycott by former chef Andre Christopher's family. Then, all summer there were rumors of additional legal actions being taken against the property.

Now comes word that the second chef, Monica Walters, is out.

An Ultimate Insider tells 312DD that she hasn't been back since the weekend.

UPDATE: A new chef's already in place. Jeremy Kiens, formerly of BIN 36 and the now-shuttered Tallulah, plans to kick it up a notch in Grocery Bistro's kitchen.

Says our Ultimate Insider: "He's a bad-ass chef and someone to watch out for."

UPDATE: Ummmmm, Kiens apparently is not in the kitchen yet, according to a spokesperson from the restaurant, adding: "The current chef is Dan Marquis, also of Pasha restaurant. The new menu, which was debuted last night, is all of his doing, and he is the one running the place."

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