Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brunch Predictions for New Year?! Bring It On!


Local food writer Carly Fisher of Chicago Brunch Blog makes some predictions on what to expect in early-morning meals in 2010:

"Small Plates: We’ve all been there. Forced to make a decision among 20 awesome brunch choices only to settle with a stack of double chocolate raspberry pancakes with liquified candy bar syrup that has as much appeal half way through as filing taxes. Roof at theWit is already serving smaller plates to encourage sharing and having a well-balanced breakfast."

Also. Fisher's Top 5 List of Brunch Spots Hot Right NOW:

Bakin' and Eggs: "Great food, attentive service and minimal wait time at a brunch-specific restaurant. Never thought I'd see it happen.
Considering the popularity of this spot, we were seated within 10
minutes and received our food in a timely manner. Had a fantastic
frittata here—and it was actually as advertised, not an omelet-dubbed frittata. Excellent tea from Rare Tea Cellar and Intelligensia coffee, plus Lovely pastries."

Birchwood Kitchen: "Consistently awesome food and service, including really interesting and well-prepared brunch specials. The Croque Madame makes me weep."

Hot Chocolate: "I hate, hate, hate waiting for a spot for brunch, but I just can't resist the Mexican Hot Chocolate, baked eggs and breakfast sandwich here. Call me selfish, but I also hate children and this is
more of an 'adult' brunch with dark walls and minimal stroller interaction, so that's an added bonus."

Nana: "A brunch spot that makes me leave my neighborhood to go to the other side of the planet in Bridgeport with a raging hangover and not
regret it. Beautiful restaurant, great service and perfectly crispy
potatoes. Love the twist on classic eggs 'Benny' with the Nanadict."

Publican: "The food at Publican is sort of a given, but the best part about brunch here is that you get the best elements of the restaurant
at a much lower price-point, which is great for broke-ass bitches like
myself. Get the scrapple and the red-wine poached eggs."

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