Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where Should They Go This Weekend?!


By now everyone knows that the Jersey Shore crew is invading the 312 this weekend.

All going down Friday, Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi is set to host Manor; Mike "The Situation" and Pauly D will be fist pumping their way through Lumen; and hopefully J-WOWW won't throw a fist when she makes an appearance at after-hours hot spot, RiNo.

And because these hardcore East Coasters are not familiar with our neck of the woods, it's only proper to be a good host and point out some restos they might enjoy during their stay:

Pickle enthusiast Snookie would certainly feel at home at Steve's Deli because she can go absolutely crazy. They wouldn't even look at her like she's nuts if she bypassed their amazing Reubens for a handful of extra-large dill pickles.

Or if she's feeling adventurous, she can head up to Risqué Café in Wrigleyville for fried pickles. It's a little harder for her to "suck the juices out," but we're sure she'll be satisfied nevertheless.

The old-school meat lasagna at Jay's on Taylor should satisfy "The Situation." (Photo: Jay's on Taylor)

J-WOWW claims she only eats 500 calories a day—which is absolutely crazy by the way—so we'll send her off to Berry Chill so she can load up on froyo. With no toppings, she can get a small cup of Strawberry-Banana (110 calories), Maqui-Blueberry (120 calories) or Original (100 calories).

The boys will be looking for a little more sustenance, but one place they should avoid is Rockit Bar & Grill because owner Billy Dec has already made it clear that he's not that into them.

That's aight. We feel like they'll be more comfortable at Jay's on Taylor and La Scarola, especially Jay's for its back dining room where they can order heaving plates of chicken Vesuvio and meat lasagna. Plus, La Scarola serves up the best veal parmesan in the city.

One more thing: For the rest of the week, my name is A-WOWW.

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