Monday, January 18, 2010

The Drawing Room Gets Big Honors

Charles Joly of The Drawing Room (Photo: Charles Joly)

With all the cool clubs and bars around town, I'm a little shocked only two made it into the finals for the annual Nightclub & Bar Magazine awards program.

As always, Chicago was mostly overlooked in favor of its peers on the East and West coasts. And then to pour more gasoline into an open wound, the local venue that made it into the "Ultra Lounge of the Year" category is an adult club. Loop lap-dance spot Pink Monkey gets the nod.

At least they got it right when it comes to The Drawing Room. The sexy, subterranean spot is a finalist in two categories: "Cocktail Lounge of the Year" and "Bartender of the Year," with that honor going to magnificent mixologist Charles Joly.


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