Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Going on at 33 Club?!

(Photo: 33 Club)

Just got this email from an Ultimate Insider, who also happens to be a high-profile chef:

"Talking to my sous. Evidently has been a bloodbath in the kitchen at 33 Club. Half the staff's been let go."

In the shakeup, Executive Chef Dan Kelly was replaced by former Branch 27 and North Pond chef Bob Zrenner.

Publicist Abby Baine Dunn says of the changes:

"33 Club's new Executive Chef Bob Zrenner doesn't have any major changes planned for the menu. He plans to 'stay the course with seasonal, vibrant and contemporary food.'

"Any changes that he makes to the menu will be seasonally driven—for example he will incorporate more local product this spring."

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