Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Ready for an Izakaya in the City . . .


Steve "The Hungry Hound" Dolinsky introduces us to Masu Sushi, what he considers to be Chicago's first-ever izakaya, or Japanese gastropub.

It's going into the old space vacated in 2009 by Minnies, in Lincoln Park, and here's what Dolinsky has to say:

"Izakayas are convivial places, with a bit more of a male-driven culture. They are boisterous, full of conversation, premium sake and tall bottles of Japanese beer. While they offer some raw sushi and sashimi, it’s the small, cooked items that set them apart from their Japanese brethren.

"(Masu Sushi owner Steve) Song says he’ll offer basic, home-style cooking, with a lot of rice bowls. Typical Japanese drinking snacks like dried salted filefish or seasoned fried anchovies, sardines or smelts will be commonplace. Grilled yakitori (skewers), braised dishes, fresh sashimi, and alcohol-soaking fried foods will round out the menu."

Nice. Something totally new and needed for that area! Masu Sushi is set to open the first week of March.


Unknown said...

Theres already hapa izakaya in downtown Chicago. So I guess he's not first.

- J said...

Hapa Izakaya is only izakaya by name, it does not follow the Japanese izakaya style of food. A while back, there was Shochu, which is now Deleece Grill Pub. It too tried the idea of izakaya, but got it all wrong.