Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jessica Simpson Loves Fried Chicken


On Tuesday, I got the scoop that Michael Jordan had lunch at Market.

Today's famous lunch bunchers were pop star Jessica Simpson "and her posse," who showed up at Table Fifty-Two when it was not even open, according to an awesome Ultimate Insider:

"My girl at Table 52 just told me that the staff was told last minute today that Jessica Simpson was coming in for lunch (they weren't even open for lunch yet) with her posse. She wanted fried chicken and they don't even have it on the menu today! LOL. Sous chefs and all were running into work early to get the food ready. Now Kirstie Alley is there filming her reality show."

Kirstie Alley and Jessica Simpson in the same day?! Wow!

UPDATE: Apparently Table Fifty-Two owner/chef Art Smith was also excited because he wrote on his Facebook page later in the day:

"Wow, the eve before South Beach, and Jessica Simpson, calls me for lunch! She's gorgeous!!!!!!!! I am now entertaining Kristie Alley and posse, they are here shooting her new show for A and E. Lookout for my cameo!"

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