Monday, February 22, 2010

Most Mispronounced Foodie Words

Gnocchi is pronounced "NYOH-kee."

The Stew offers a fun feature on the most mispronounced foodie words, but the best part is in the comments section when readers attempt to "correct" the author on spelling/pronunciation on pączki and panini:

"'Panini' is plural; the singular is 'panino' and is the diminuative of 'pane,' which is a bread roll. 'Panino imbottito' is Italian for sandwich."

"Good try on pączki, but by missing the curlycue at the bottom of the ą you spelled 'packages' instead of 'donuts.'"

"Uh no, Paczki is not pronounced 'Poonch-key,' It's pronounced 'PONE-chkey' where PONE rhymes with Own."


Unknown said...

this is drives me crazy when people pronounce pho like how it's spelled! clearly they have no asian friends... ;)

312 Dining Diva said...

It took me a few years to get that one right too! :O